Mountain art by Ilina

Winter is here... the year went by, rather fast. 

Not many high mountains for me in 2020, but the mountains in my heart....

Some updates from my latest shows in 2020:

WHITE at NLB gallery Skopje in March 2020, just before the pandemics era... and 

Back T0 ZER0 at the Youth Cultural Centre, Skopje

Check out my insta profile for more regular updades: @ilina_arsova_art 

Feeling relieved after finally completing my long-lasting dream, to climb the highest mountain on each continent, commonly known as world's mountaineering challenge "7 summits", in January 2020, this it the visual outcome...

Pure mountain appreciation, slowly closing the cycle of:  sketch - drawing - painting - and back to sketch... with less color but tons of memories and emotions... 

I am thankful to be able to visit Antarctica and climb Mt Vinson, #7 of the #7summits, just before the Coronavirus appeared, and I would not have done it without the support from my country. Thank you! 

More #mountainart available in prints, cards and watercolors, commissions are accepted. 


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