Macedonian mountains and lakes with mountaineers from: Bosnia&Herzegovina, Croatia + Macedonia

03-05 October 2015 Climbing Titov vrv 2747 and Magaro peak 2255m with mountaineers from Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatian mountain clubs (Tuzla, Shibenik, Brcko, Odzak i dr.). The trip was organized by the Mountain sports federation of BiH under title "Macedonian mountains and lakes". It was my pleasure to assist this wonderful group, being their leader and guide for most of the time of the trip.
Climbing 2 mountains in 2 National Parks & overlooking 5 lakes in 3 days. Amazing trip recommended for all nature lovers.

Titov Vrv 2747m, Shar mountain. It is the second highest peak in Macedonia after Korab 2764m. The tour we made is rather demanding, climbing over 3 peaks above 2600m (Sin Vrv, Bakardan and Titov Vrv). The tour is long and has many ups and downs, meaning, good physical shape (walking legs) is required.  The way up is between 4-6h depending on the pace and the breaks you take. On the way back we took another trail passing Vakaf valley, which normally take between 2-4h to descend back to Popova Shapka ski center, at around 1650m.

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On the way to Ohrid, we have stopped for a short cultural tour in Tetovo, visiting the painted mosque (stunning monument from the 15th century), market, and city center of Tetovo city. Apart from the culture buried for years, today we can witness a mild cultural shock due to lack of environmental culture, resulting with over polluted areas and lots of trash in public spaces.

Passing through the National park Mavrovo, we make a short break at Mavrovo lake, at th evillage Mavrovi Anovi. We are following the gorge of the river Radika, passing under the highest Macedonian peaks od Mount Korab, which is a scenic road down to Ohrid Lake. Around Debar area we have visited the small Eden - monastery of St George - Rajcica, with a perfect location and a great view of Debar lake. Further down we come near Struga and Ohrid with enough free time for exploring the old town.

Following day is reserved for climbing the highest peak of Galicica mountain, Magaro 2255m.
This mountain is a pure beauty, standing up in between Ohrid and Prespa lake. Because of its rare flora and fauna, concentration of endemic species, it has become a National Park in 1958.  From the top you can see a nice panorama of the two -  biggest lakes of Macedonia, which also happen to be the oldest lakes in Europe. From Magaro you can see Mt Pelister 2601, just across Prespa lake, which is the third National Park in the country.
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