Exploring Macedonia by ski touring freeride

Macedonian mountains are not as high as the Himalayas, or as steep as the Alps but they are just perfect for all season adventure sports. Starting with hiking, mount biking and paragliding to climbing, skiing, snowboarding on and off road with all possible varieties of snow surface.
Here in Macedonia we opened the free ride skiing season in late November this year.
Loads of first lines, loads of untouched powder was ridden by group of enthusiasts before the actual season in the ski resorts was started.  In this section I would have to mention the Eskimo Free ride team who make our country one and only in the region with snow cat free ride service. In case you are one of those who do not enjoy walking uphill you can just book their service and enjoy a full time free ride without too much effort for gaining altitude by foot.
Most of the 65% mountainous relief in the country is easy to approach in winter conditions. Actually it is quite of an adventure which makes you stronger, impacts your psycho – physical endurance and the general self-esteem.
 For boarders-  it just needs a bit more sports spirit, for skiers  - walking mode boots would be helpful, and with full equipment  ‘Backcountry’, ‘Cross country’ or ‘Ski Randone’ a skier would feel the paradise of a 6 months season white adventure.
Brilliant scenery and moderate trails make this adventure accessible for everyone.
Moderate trails include about 2h ski-walk, about 1h ski down, and some minutes of hike back to your vehicle.
Plan your day!

In this first Macedonian cross country skiing post we have chosen images  from:

Shar mountain tour:
Popova Shapka - Anteni peak - Jelak freeride skiing track.




 Solunska Glava (Central Macedonia mountain)

 National park Mavrovo


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