Strong women. Better world.

Strong women better world. 
What does this mean?
We were asked this question many times while being part of the Global Sports Mentoring program.
Still under impressions I will try to make a short summery.

17 female emerging leaders from across the globe + around 10 American organizers + around 20 female American mentors, keeping each other’s track for one month in the States, creating a world of family relations, fulfilled with love, respect, concern and great will to learn from each other. Building relations, network and friendship that is worth lifetime, but also building their action plans based on their visions for making a positive impact of their societies.  

I believe this was a brilliant concept and excellent realization of the University of Tennessee’s Center for Sport, Peace and Society, initiated and fully supported by the U.S. State Department, ESPN W, all partnership and mentorship organizations. It was such a great honor meeting, interacting and learning from all those powerful women, the US elite of the sports industry and sports supporting scene. They have already proven how strong they are by bringing results and accomplishments which are day by day changing one great country into even greater one, richer by equality and women’s contribution in different aspects of the society. Our mothers have as well proven how strong they are by giving birth, raising and educating emerging leaders like us J
Now it is our turn to find the answer of the same question and some doubts around it. Can we create a strong women’s society within our countries or region?  Are we ready to bring in some changes?
 How many women in those 17 countries are unemployed? Uneducated? Unhealthy? Facing lack of opportunities?  
This program is dealing with 17 different change-making stories coming from the 17 emerging leaders from across the globe. Professional athletes, Olympians, sports journalists or representatives of their ministries and Olympic committees, all leaders and visioners  with unfinished goal in their countries. Many things were different but we certainly share something in common: The idea for empowering women and girls in leadership through sports initiative.

New generations are spending too much time with electronic devices and too much of TV. Outdoor games are slowly being forgotten.

Worried by the fact that our youth is growing in artificial world, my concept involves promoting of the outdoor – mountain sports as an easy accessible, social, healthy activity contributing for a better quality of life.
Macedonia is a mountainous country and the future of tourism in the area is exactly promotion of the mountain sports.  Creating new generation of Female emerging leaders within the country, will bring profitable careers for the new born leaders, by implementing the outdoor activities as touristic attractions.

Ilina Arsova
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