Zli Dol - Orhrid, hot summer climb

Just when we arrived home in the hot&dry Macedonia somewhere in the beginning of August, we took a week off to Ohrid.
Wishing for a true vacation, it only lasted for a day or two... Lots of drinks, party and finally some good sleep in a real cozy bad after 5 weeks (or more) in a tent on the cool snowy Alps.
We soon got bored from beach and swim, so we used three - four active days on Zli Dol crag in the shadow of Galicica mountain.

Thx to Petar we refreshed our stocks with some new climbing gear ;))


  1. Kolku super slikicki... samo Ile ko da poprimil nekoi cudni karakteristiki?! :-)

  2. Haha cudni kako predocni...mislam od predcite :))


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